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Two revolutionary ways to do your genealogy specializes in hosting your online family tree using PhpGedView and The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building. Choose either application and we'll automatically install it onto your web site at no cost, and we'll also automatically upgrade your site when new versions come out!

Note: If you're not sure which one to try, try them both!  You can have both of them running on your web site at the same time.  Just sign up for one, and once your account is set up, use our application installer to add the other one. 

The Next Generation Genealogy Software Hosting

The Next Generation has been developed with ease of use in mind.  While it still has many powerful features, you'll be able to learn it and set up a great looking online family tree web site in no time.

To learn more, click here.
To start a 15 day free trial of The Next Generation, click here.

Cost: TNG is created by Darrin Lythgoe who charges a $29.95 licensing fee.  You can purchase the license directly from him or from us at the same cost.  Most users agree that this cost is a great value and would be willing to pay much more for it.


PhpGedView Genealogy Software Hosting

PhpGedView comes with advanced features for the serious genealogist who is willing to invest a little bit of time learning the software.  It's particularly good for international users wanting an online family tree.

To learn more, click here.
To start a 15 day free trial of PhpGedView, click here.

Cost: PhpGedView is open source software and as such, has no additional costs associated with it.  There is a vibrant community of users in forums and great online documentation to help you make the most of PhpGedView.

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