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Uploading your Family Tree to PhpGedView

With PhpGedView, it's easy to store your family tree online.  You'll want to do this for a number of reasons.  You'll be able to share your work with others.  You can even allow others to contribute their research.  Your site will also get indexed by search engines like Google so that other people in your family line will be able to find you.  Of course, you can turn off any of these features if you would prefer not to have them. 

The first thing you'll want to do once you've created your account with is to upload your existing family tree into PhpGedView.  If you're already using genealogy software to manage your family tree, it's easy to transfer your work into PhpGedView.  It's easy to do, and this page will show you how.

Step 1 - Export your Gedcom file
No matter which genealogy program you're using right now, it has the ability to save your family history data into what is called a Gedcom file.  A Gedcom file is just a standard way of holding genealogy data.  All genealogy software understands how to save in Gedcom format and how to open Gedcom files.  The first step is to open up your existing genealogy software and "export" the data in Gedcom format.  For specific instructions on exporting your Gedcom file, please click on the software that you're currently using.

Ancestral Quest
Ancestry Family Tree
Brother's Keeper
Cumberland Family Tree
Family Origins
Family Tree Legends
Family Tree Maker
Family Trees Quick and Easy
Generations Family Tree
Great Family
Legacy Family Tree
Personal Ancestral File
The Master Genealogist
Ultimate Family Tree

If your software isn't listed, please contact us and let us know what software you're using.  You will likely be able to export your Gedcom file by clicking "File" on the menu bar, and then selecting "Export".  Follow the instructions for exporting your Gedcom file and make a note of where you save the file (preferably on your Desktop, but anywhere will work).

Step 2 - Upload your Gedcom file to PhpGedView
Once you have a Gedcom file, it's easy to upload it to PhpGedView.  Here are the steps you'll need to take to upload your Gedcom file.

  1. Log in to your PhpGedView application.  You should have received an email with your login information.  If you can't find it, please contact support.
  2. Once you log in, you should see a menu item that says "Upload GEDCOM".  Click it.
  3. The next page has a lot of options that you don't need to worry about.  Just find the button that says "Choose File" and click it.
  4. Now you need to navigate to the Gedcom file that you exported from your genealogy software.  You should be able to find it wherever you saved it from Step 1 up above.
  5. Select your Gedcom file and click "Open" or "Save".
  6. There are a lot of other options on this page.  Don't worry them.  Next, just find one of the "Save configuration" buttons and click it.
  7. On the following page, click the "Continue" button.
  8. Again, on the following page, click the "Continue" button.
  9. If you have a large Gedcom file, this may take some time.  Once you see a red message that says "Import complete", you're done.

Now What?
Now you can start using PhpGedView.  If you click to your "Welcome Page", you'll see that PhpGedView has imported your Gedcom file and is now ready to use.  Click on some of the charts and have a look around.  You don't need to know how to use every feature inside PhpGedView to get started.  When you're ready to learn more, come back and look through some of our other PhpGedView training information.

Now would also be a good time to send an email to your family and friends to let them know that your new family history web site is online!

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